what happened to the acorns? [undernews]


3 Responses to “seedless”

  1. 1 Nancy
    December 3, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    I just read this 2 days ago and it has me miffed as well. We actually had some acorns this fall but nothing compared to previous years. As I’ve probably told you, I rehabilitate wildlife, with squirrels being one of my specialities. Because I release in my own yard, we generally have a bumper crop of squirrels showing up for handouts on any given day…some of them alumni, and some of them resident wilds. I feed them all to keep the peace since squirrels are heavily territorial and I’m releasing newcomers into the territory. It’s always worked like a charm. They’ve always known the routine here. I’ll throw out peanuts, almonds, squirrel mix, etc. in the early morning and again in the late afternoon…but for the remainder of the day, they’re on their own. This year I’ve noticed that the mood is almost frantic, and if I stand out on my back steps for a bit, squirrels will be sitting on my feet or actually pawing at my arm..begging for more nuts. Now granted, I may have raised a good number of these critters and am the only mom they’ve ever known, but by the time they are released, they know how to act like wild squirrels. So…I’m sitting out there saying, “okay guys…go find your own food…you know how”, but the frenzy just hasn’t died down, and they’re showing up all day long. Read this article and thought ‘holy sh*t..these guys are starving!” And we had a minimal crop of acorns this year, so I can well imagine what a nightmare it must be in the areas that saw none. We did have a milder than usual winter last year, although I don’t recall that spring was any wetter than it typically is. So what gives??? Another hint of more global crisis? I’m cautiously optimistic that next year will bring back the super crop of acorns that we’ve been accustomed to in the past and that it’s just been ‘one of those years’, but things just don’t seem to be looking up for our wild friends lately. I know that I can’t save them all but this whole thing now has me very concerned. :o(

  2. 2 underpass
    December 3, 2008 at 9:42 pm

    interesting. seems like no one knows for sure what’s up.

    lots of anecdotal evidence that SOMETHING is, though.

    you’ve never noticed an off year like this before?

  3. 3 Nancy
    December 4, 2008 at 6:19 am

    I’ve noticed lighter years and heavier years, with the belief being that the latter is nature’s way of providing for her creatures during a rough winter. Or so they say. But we haven’t had a rough winter in some time now, and I seem to recall that there was an abundance of acorns last year. At least enough that there didn’t seem to be any cause for concern from my standpoint. Could this quandry be the result of urban sprawl and deforrestation? I sure hope not because I’m strongly opposed to more over-development, and hate seeing my neighbors cutting down beautiful old growth trees because a few leaves might blow into their pools. Or is this simply more startling evidence that our climates are changing alittle bit faster than had been anticipated? Or both?

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