waiting room reading

I’ve had some virus/infection for 2 weeks, and finally I went to the doctor today, got some azithromycin and codeine syrup which seem to be doing the job for a paltry $50 (sigh). anyway while I was waiting, I warily picked up a Men’s Journal, and found a couple intersting articles, which you can read if you download the Zinio reader (not too painful): an artcle on Iraq vet against the war James Circello (whom I’d like to chat with for sure) (click on first result link, it’s the only way is works) and a pre-election short on Rahm Emanuel

The family left Baton Rouge before James’s senior year in high school, and he became depressed over leaving his friends at East Ascension High and losing his spot at third base, His stepfather, however, had taken a job near Detroit, and for the first time Circello wasn’t living in trailers or two-room apartments. When the family moved to Canada and then Texas a few years later, he stayed behind, dropping in and out of community college between jobs laying asphalt and washing dishes. “I got in a bit of trouble,” he allows. But when the planes hit those buildings, all that was behind me. I moved in with my folks in Texas, and was back in school — mostly writing classes — basically living at the library. Anarchists, Dadaist, William Burroughs’ cut-ups, E.E. Cummings, Tristan Tzara, I love that shit. And when I wasn’t in the stacks, I was in the cafes writing poetry or reading. If those buildings hadn’t got hit, I’d be at the library right now.

I think you only have 4 or 5 zooms here, so choose well.

Here’s Circello’s manifesto post-army.

Gives one hope.

Cheers, James.


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