fulfilling prophecies

Back when I was reading a lot of metaphysical books in the 80s and 90s, I came across Phoenix Rising by Mary Summer Rain, and most of the predictions in it have come true, mainly excepting worker and tax revolts, which now seem imminent, and the most severe natural and man-made disasters

Some examples:

Earthquakes in new areas
Devaluation of real estate
Increase in corporate crime
Tornados increase intensity and occasion
Intensified hurricane devastation
Freak wind gusts/accident
Insect infestation
Widespread surface blazes
Disease outbreaks
Terrorism increases
High level secrecy
Repression from certain religious sects
Plane creashes increase
War resistance
Insolvency of many banks

It was first published in ’87, and you can get it used cheap the usual places.

Things will get better eventually, the book claims, after this period of cleansing.


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