cargo 200


just finished this very tight & nasty little piece by aleksei balabanov, which rips the pre-glasnost soviet union a new one and tosses it in a river of toxic effluent

kinda liked it though. very little good behavior by any character.

here’s a review. see it first though.

loved that song that plays as the credits roll at the end. god knows how i’ll find out what it was.

nice entry from the disinfo people.


1 Response to “cargo 200”

  1. 1 joao
    August 7, 2011 at 2:28 am

    i instinctly knew when i had finished this morbid piece of mind-rape that under no circumstances whatsoever the depicted story could be “based on a true story” as the viewer is informed both at the beginning and the end (“second half of 1984”) and that the characters are not based on a disintegrating society but based on the sickened mind of an author.
    thanks to “aschenker” i have been able to confirm this notion.
    i have been lured into this malicious propaganda piece because of fraudulent advertising.
    had i known that i would be exposed to such an unbearable insult at humanity and film-making i would have rejected even glancing at one minute of it.
    the hypocricy of this film is mind boggling:
    it pretends to mirror a “sick society” when it actually just exploits this “setting” to project the sick constructions of an embittered author (Faulkner) and film-maker onto this setting and into the brain of the viewer.
    i would advise others not to watch this trash for the sake of mental and moral hygiene.

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