nice review of word virus


from when it was published 10 years ago, mark luce nails it on salon

Stylistically, Burroughs is often lumped with the Beats, but even a cursory reading of “Word Virus” shows he was never a Beat in form or vision. Burroughs is a better writer than his storied companions, more intellectually nimble, skeptical, multifaceted and subtle. While Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg cruised self-promoting highways and smoky jazz clubs searching for the beatific, Burroughs was a homebody, traveling the globe only as a logistical concern, to escape the law, his own demons or the terrible grip of heroin. Burroughs’ vision was more sinister than the Beats; he warned of the mechanisms of control, whether through language, drugs or the government. He ridiculed the sanctimonious while playing a straight-shooting tour guide to the post-atomic-bomb landscape of America.

nothing left now but the recordings.

but they’ll do.


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