clip +

anythingbutipod touts the new sansa clip+, which has the microcard option the fuze already features, in a smaller package

One thing to note is that the clip on the back is now not removable. Though if were one to go clipless with the first Clip I supposed you could get crafty, break it off and file down the remaining nubs. This could be handy when pairing it with a headphone amp.

In addition to creating a sturdier player, attention was paid to improve the locations of the buttons. This was much needed since the placing of the volume controls and headphone jack was awkward on the original Clip in addition to the not-so-ideal slider style on/off/hold switch. The volume controls have been moved to the left side of the player now away from the headphone jack. The on/off/hold switch was replaced by a top on/off switch. Hold is now preformed as a long press of the home button.


Sound quality was the Clip 1’s forte, very straight forward and clean and one of my favorite in terms of sound quality. Comparing the original Clip to some of Cowon’s players it tended to be more analytical, more precise, less on the warm side. Not one being better than the other, but being more of a preference. The Clip+ has moved to a bit warmer signature closer to what you might find on the Cowon S9. In my opinion this is an improvement. Regardless to your preference you will find that the Clip Plus is one of the best sounding MP3 players on the market.

i’ve been using a 2gb clip for a whole now, and it’s pretty nifty — sold a couple friends on it too.

the only drawback seems to be the memory, which the microcard option overwhlems a bit.

still the best player for the price, and i don’t have a problem running out of power with mine.

read the whole review, and make sure the player you settle on has exactly the features you need.


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