MI5 paid mussolini handsomely to dis war protesters in print (he was a journalist in 1917) and even get thugs to beat them up.

obama allows big pharma to molest un-rich americans in the time-honored fashion, including outlawing imported, cheaper drugs. (some eyedrops i needed last year were $25 from a Vancouver pharmacy, $75 here)

simon reynolds on how 80s UK synthpop realized the promise of punk.

Conveniently, these singles [“i feel love” & “trans-europe express”] arrived at a time when synths got vastly more affordable, portable, and user-friendly. As the BBC4 doc Synth Britannia reveals, what once cost as much as a small house (and therefore stayed the preserve of prog superstars) became something you could buy for a few hundred quid, or cheaper still if you mail-ordered a build-your-own-synth kit and were prepared to spend weeks assembling the bugger. Groups who’d been inspired by punk’s confrontational rhetoric and sartorial provocations but who found the actual sonic substance of punk rock to be too ye olde rock’n’roll seized on the cheapo synth as the real coming of do-it-yourself.


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