flight 253: behind the smoke

U.S. – Israeli Complicity in Terror Plots Exposed, FBI, Media Cover-Up Flight 253 Plot

Back to the terror plot under examination. Shortly after the young Mutallab terrorist and his wealthy VIP “Indian” handler disappeared down the corridor to see higher-ups, the passengers along with the Haskells, boarded the flight. As there was no delay for departure to wait for the terrorist, it is evident that clearing the terrorist with the higher-ups took a matter of a minute or so – the “Indian” obviously has a high-level pass (CIA, MOSSAD or high level security clout).

Then the flight proceeds over the Atantic Ocean with no peculiar events, except for one man sitting somewhere in front of row 19 – the row the young terrorist is seated in – who films much of the flight on his cam corder, always facing back wards toward the terrorist, whom he is recording with extensive video footage. This passenger too, we are not told about, are not to ask about, and we do not get to see his video.


Although very important and reliable witnesses with essential testimony, the Haskells are not contacted for several days. Then the FBI pays a visit to their law offices, show them various photographs, attempt to impeach them, and fail to produce any video from Holland or anywhere else for that matter, fail to show full body photographs of the terrorist, only facial shots. They clearly are fishing for how much the Haskells saw, and not for the (Indian) accomplice(s), at least one of which is obviously working with the full protection of the authorities.


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