from the documentary “the betrayal”

laotian prophecies:

on the collaboration between laos and the u.s. during the vietnam war:

The ancient people believed that the eagle will come to the Lao land to help us fight the war.

The eagle will birng with them more jobs for our men.

The army will grow rich and strong.

Great wealth will pour into Laos like a waterfall in the Mekong.

But the old people warned:

Remember the bird who sits over the pond and drops its shit to lure the hungry fish closer.

The clever bird swoops down to catch them, then flies away without looking back.

Do not be deceived , the old people said.

The eagle comes to shit in our hand.

on our times:

The time will come when the universe will break.

It will break piece by piece, country by country, religion by religion.

Husband and wife will break in two.

The children will escape into the wind.

They will scatter to hide on islands like frightened deer hunted by evil men.

The world that we know now will change beyond recognition.


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