us kill squads amok, with jeremy scahill

from democracy now, he reports on blackwater dark wizrd erik prince’s imminent escape to the uae (no extradition), and obama’s expansion of bush/cheney black ops to 75 countries: part 1 part 2

Many of these missions are small-scale US special forces attaching themselves to foreign militaries or friendly forces in nations around the world. But there’s also a task force that McChrystal used to head that used to be classified as Task Force 714. It recently was renamed, my sources tell me. And they’re the ones carrying out unilateral direct actions, the assassinations for the Joint Special Operations Command. And as Daniel Ellsberg talked about, this administration has allowed JSOC to maintain a hit list that includes US citizens, not just the CIA. What’s happened is here is that McChrystal represents the rise of the dark side, and Obama has taken a man that was used to operating with no accountability on the dark side of the US national security apparatus and made him the commander of the entire war in Afghanistan with carte blanche to do what he wants in that region. The combination of him and David Petraeus, who’s Cheney’s general, means that you have the dark side now essentially running the US military.


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