casey affleck

nice appreciation by noah forrest

It was three years ago that Affleck gave two brilliant performances in Gone Baby Gone and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford; his work in those films was so good that they completely changed my perspective on the work he had done prior. He plays two completely different characters in those films; in the first he’s an atypical hero with many layers and in the latter he’s a sort of atypical villain with even more layers. What I realized about Affleck when I was watching those films is that he’s never going to settle for the easy choice and he will complicate your feelings about these characters by the choices he makes.

the killer inside is apparently neither his nor michael winterbottom’s finest hour.

for the best version of thompson on film, my bet is coup de torchon, which i thought surprisingly good. glenn kenny taps serie noire, which i’ve started but not finished, as most evocative of thompson’s novels’ peculiar mise-en-scene. it’s harder to find, not on disc in n. america.

anyway, i’m looking forward to more work by affleck the younger as well.


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