buying the world

Weiner demonstrates, in his book, that the strongest force in global commerce today is not the US Federal Reserve, not the international banks, not the governments of the G7 countries, and not the European Union. Instead, it is the multi-trillion-dollar network of super-rich, secretive and largely unregulated investment entities- namely foreign sovereign wealth funds, government-run corporations, private equity funds, and hedge funds- that are quietly buying up the world, in large valuable chunks.

Unlike Wall Street, or others world financial markets, the shadow market does not have a physical headquarter. It does not have a formal leadership either. Instead, it is composed of an ever shifting global network where very large amount of money flows very fast, and mixes with geopolitical power and long term policy objectives. Needless to say, the national big players of the shadow market are cash-rich nations such as China, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Saudi-Arabia, Singapore and Norway.

from news junkie, eric j weiner’s new book The Shadow Market: How a Group of Wealthy Nations and Powerful Investors Secretly Dominate the World


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