recent recommendations

  • the blu ray of fear and loathing is amazing; interesting double bill with dumont’s 29 palms
  • temple grandin, red riding trilogy, wallander: tv worth watching
  • finally catching up with the sopranos
  • hickey & boggs, bob culp’s directorial debut back in ’72 is remarkably current and one of the best post-1960 noirs, maybe the best of the 70s? (caught this on netflix streaming, might be hard to find, but should be revived/restored by someone worthy)
  • caught skolimowski’s the shout on tcm, and thought it kicked ass — another candidate for revival
  • not crazy about girl by the lake, the square, the man from london, night train to munich, harry brown
  • quite good: the messenger (moverman), prag, the man from laramie, the reckless moment, to the ends of the earth, black rain (imamura), formosa betrayed, when you’re strange, perder es cuestión de método
  • decent: 99 river street, traitor, finding bliss, 13 rue madeleine, happy accidents, jar city, le combat dans l’iles, tony manero, night sun, one day like rain, look both ways
  • i loved intangible asset no. 82, a documentary about a korean shaman pursued by an australian jazz drummer (also only available on netflix streaming, or on link tv next month) (pic above is from this)
  • UPDATE: kino has the dvd of intangible asset


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