joseph gordon-leavitt

excellent piece by rachel dovey at paste

“I’m a sucker for kind of ancient magical stuff,” he says.

When I ask him why, he pauses and thinks for a few seconds, then replies, “Our culture nowadays is very ‘This is the world, this is the truth, science proves it. This is who you are, this is where you fit in. It’s not gonna change, it’s how it is, it’s that way for a reason,’ and, you know…” He pauses. “The notion of magic just kind of goes, ‘Nope, this actually can be anything.’ And to be honest, I think there’s a truth to it.”

He mentions a video he saw of Alan Moore, creator of Watchmen and V for Vendetta, where the comics genius discusses how terms like “the art” or “the craft” of acting come from the idea that actors can create anything out of thin air, like casting a spell.

Gordon-Levitt says the limits of that on/off Record button are like magic words to him, allowing him to go somewhere else, become someone else. “It is sort of like casting a spell, actually, when [directors] say ‘Rolling, Speed, Marker, Action,’ it’s sort of an incantation. I mean, we don’t talk about it that way. I guess I’m talking to you about it that way and maybe it’ll sound really corny to people if they read me saying this, but that’s how I like to treat it, that those limits that we like to place on ourselves kind of go away.”


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