review of new monk bio

seems half as long as the book, but informative

The “padded cell” is a telling metaphor, not only because Monk’s music seems to evoke a self-enclosed world, with its own telltale harmonies and rhythms, but also because Monk spent stretches of his later life in mental-health institutions. Indeed, observers of all stripes have puzzled over the link between Monk’s unconventional music and his personal dissociation from everyday norms. At the Five Spot, he started performing a “spinning dance”—leaving the piano bench and turning in on himself for minutes at a time while gesticulating to the solos of his sidemen. His own body became center and circumference in a performance that could be understood as autism-in-action or a novel form of interpretative dance, and was probably something of both.

Elaborating on the padded cell, Griffin found a more surreal image: Monk’s music was so “overwhelming” that expressing oneself within it was like “trying to break out of a room made of marshmallows.”


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