arab spring spreads to europe

not that americans would know about it from the media dept. of the corporatocracy, which would obviously prefer they don’t

The GIPSI [that’s greece, ireland, portugal, spain, italy] revolution is very much one with the Jasmine Revolution and the Arab Revolution which find common ground with the working class in England, Russia, China, and America. The term “Arab Spring” is used to belittle what is actually happening… this is not a ‘Spring,’ this is a revolution. It is a euphemism that attempts to protect the status quo from that reality, the reality of revolution. Failure to realize that this singular movement that goes by many regional names is a unified force for democracy, and against global predatory capitalism and exploitation, will prove foolhardy in the end.

Every Country on the planet, like every state in the American Union, is the subject of an onslaught against the people. Their wealth is being stolen by banks and corporations, their resources exploited by profiteers, their tax dollars going to the thieves that have impoverished them, and the services that they have created for themselves are being cut to pay off the banksters. In addition to this exploitation, their rights as the subjugated laboring class are being stripped away. The result is that the majority of global citizens are being sentenced to a life of labor for the profit of an elite; and only the elite are afforded any rights. So, not only are we giving an elite the power over our survival in return for our labor, for their exclusive profit, we are allowing a system that provides for only that elite to have codified, defensible, and actionable, rights… and we’re being asked to trust that they will ‘do the right thing.’


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