shadows in the maze

the “sudden unraveling” of the strauss-kahn case just days after the appointment of hardliner christine legarde sure stinks to high heaven as my folks used to say

Now, as the ‘case’ falls apart, is the time to ask the truly important questions. If the crime of rape wasn’t committed, what crime was? Who profited from this charade? Was it Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President that DSK threatened to unseat in the next election? Was it Christine LeGarde, who inherited his post as the worlds most powerful banker? Was it the global financial interests that stand to make trillions from the loan agreements imposed on Greece? Was it a meticulously planned conspiracy by all of them, or was it a fortuitous set of circumstances brought on by a horny DSK and a gold-digging, opportunist housekeeper?

The New York legal system, and, by extension, the American legal system, has just taken the proverbial header down the stairs in front of the entire world, at a ball it threw in its own honor. Brushing it off and pretending it never happened will not suffice in this situation, though.


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