they’re taking it all away

sam smith hits it again

I was driving along when one of those smugly assured network financial advisors began talking about how to prepare for one’s retirement. I reached my destination before I got her name but I sure got her message. Basically, it was not to count on having Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or a pension – all likely to be gone. The only thing that would work would be a house whose mortgage had been fully paid. Of course, you’d need to own a house, have its value equal to the mortgage and be able to pay it all off.

It wasn’t until sometime later that what she had said really struck home. As routine network advice, listeners were being told that some of the greatest social achievement s of the past three quarters of a century were gone for good. Don’t even think about them.

There was no suggestion that we should feel angry about this. There was no explanation. There was no one to blame. Just the way things are.

that’s a refrain from a john cale song, back in ’74.

album was called slow dazzle.

ok, done here.


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