netflix moves on dvd renters

you’ll have to pay $16 $18 plus to rent & stream on netflix starting in september, new subscribers choose right away

my satisfaction as an 8 year subscriber has declined in recent years. yes it’s partly that i’ve seen many of the films i want to. but it’s also that since the economy ditched, there’s far fewer indie & foreign releases making it to disc, and fewer still showing up on netflix. not all new blurays show up there (night of the hunter, something wild, uncle boonmee, many more). though i have weaker than optimal broadband, i have almost no hangups with hulu, whereas the silverlight player does it several times an episode of parks and recreation, for example. and it crashes often. finally, i often have to wait longer, weeks sometimes for movies at the top of my disc queue.

still, i’ll pony up — for now.

i also signed up for hulu plus recently.


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