soderbergh’s “contagion”

the first soderbergh movie i might actually go see in the theatre if it works out, talked up here by michael cieply at NYT

Mr. Miska, who spoke by telephone last week, said some of his readers initially gave him “the stink-eye” when he began posting items about news like Ms. Paltrow’s joining the “Contagion” cast. But, he said, some horror-attuned friends recently saw a screening of the film and assured him that it was “really, really dark and really, really scary.”

Sue Kroll, president for movie marketing at Warner, said the studio was not specifically seeking horror fans but would advertise to a wide audience. Over the next week or two, that means expanding the scare factor with bus posters and billboards that will feature, among other things, a gasping, bug-eyed Ms. Paltrow beneath a legend that warns potential moviegoers to steer clear of one another. “Don’t talk to anyone,” the posters say. “Don’t touch anyone.”

Martin Kaplan, the director of the Norman Lear Center for the study of entertainment and society at the University of Southern California, points out that cold war audiences were sometimes happy to “marinate in their fears” with films like “On the Beach” and “Fail-Safe.” Also, he said, viewers may be attracted to the hope, heroism and survival advice that will be part of the package in “Contagion.”

Participant Media, an issues-oriented film company that is financed by the entrepreneur Jeff Skoll and is one of the film’s backers, has already begun a social action campaign that may help viewers cope with a viral onslaught of the kind that, in some places, will arrive on giant Imax screens. On the TakePart.com Web site Participant and its allies, under a trailer for the film, are advising to stockpile bottled water, while offering a link to advice on “how to sneeze properly.”

actually, i’ve really only liked sex lies and videotape, which i still watch every couple of years.

wasn’t crazy about traffic or erin brokovich and even less so about solaris. the good german was OK, but i couldn’t get through kafka and didn’t like out of sight at all.

haven’t tried king of the hill yet, and left che alone after watching a doc on guevara (didn’t feel like i knew enough background on his life) and not liking him much. i might like the film though.

but “marinating in my own fears” — yeah, that’s a guilty pleasure.

and i’m a sucker for plague-related stuff.


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