appreciating linklater

posey, hawke, reeves and others on richard linklater, 20 years after slacker’s release

jason reitman:

The thing that’s striking about Slacker to me is that when you think about American independent cinema, there’s this idea that people are just throwing up a camera and letting people talk. That’s not what Slacker is, even though you do want to describe it as one conversation running into another. It’s beautiful. It’s beautifully shot. Almost every shot is a dolly shot; it must have been really hard to make. Also, everything was shot at the right time of day. It almost reminds me of the photography of Stephen Shore or Joel Sternfeld; there’s this right time of day with this beautiful sideways light. Even the colors of the cars in the background are gorgeous. It was beautiful-looking, and the structure of it was like nothing I’d ever seen before.

waking life & dazed and confused (criterion releases their likely definitive bluray of the latter today) are two of my favorite films period. also very good: a scanner darkly, tape, subUrbia, & slacker. that’s just my list.


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