on what i’ve watched lately

some comments

the carlos series is worth seeing. a great performance by the lead and everyone, seems as accurate as you could expect, given the circumstances.

disappointed in: contagion, ides of march, certified copy (though i’ll give that one another go sometime — netflix has it streaming)

older film that’s worth seeing: spring forward (a really nice surprise, great work by liev schrieber & ned beatty, very good screenplay)

also: spalding gray: and everything is going fine (soderbergh’s tribute to the unique performer, who only seems more interesting as time goes by), home room (one of the best films about columbine etc., unpredictable and moving), rare exports (probably the oddest christmas movie since santa claus vs the martians, which is actually included [on the bluray anyway], but is probably unwatchable; the first new christmas movie i’ve watched since i can remember), leap year (año bisiesto) (dark, but very good), the help, & the mill and the cross (bringing to life in a way you couldn’t have done even 10 years ago, breugel’s the road to calvary, only for art-loving audiences i guess, but fascinating)

also, if you have a roku box, a site with trailers you won’t find on flixster or fandango, screened is worth checking out.



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