chris hayes on the failure of the meritocracy in the u.s.

I haven’t been very mental lately, but if I were, I’d be watching up with chris hayes fairly often

here’s a link to an interview with him about his new book Twilight of the Elites.

I think people are resistant to the idea, because the meritocracy is our social ideal, particularly among good liberals. Equality of opportunity, but not of outcome. Not evaluating people by their [outside] features, but by their innate talent and drive. And I do not say this mockingly. It’s an incredibly appealing vision. But meritocracy contains the seeds of its own destruction. It concedes inequality. As an ethos, it doesn’t trouble itself with what the results are going to be. One of the key arguments of the book is that those results have real effects. And they then queer the system to produce more inequality and restrict equality of opportunity.


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