the only apple

so does anyone still think steve jobs’ company are the good guys? [movie city news]

Now, I’m not a fan of Samsung. Like so many others in the technology world, it has has behaved in ethically questionable ways. And it quite plainly did mimic much of the functionality of the iPhone – though it was Apple’s longtime CEO, Steve Jobs, who famously quoted Picasso’s adage that good artists copy and great artists steal.

But in recent years, I have become even less a fan of Apple. It is now the uber-bully of the technology industry, and is using its surging authority – and vast amounts of cash – in ways that are designed to lock down our future computing and communications in the newest frontier of smart phones and tablets.

In the end, Apple will settle for nothing less than outright capitulation by Samsung – and, by extension, other Android device makers – in what Jobs called a “thermonuclear war”, which he planned, before his death, to wage on Android. If Apple is successful, either all Android manufacturers will pay Apple a license fee, or Apple will simply make it too expensive, via lawsuits, for other phone makers to compete. And if that happens, Apple’s financial dominance in smart phones (Android leads in overall numbers of units sold) and overwhelming dominance in the tablet market could be insurmountable. Users of technology should worry about that scenario, for many reasons.


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