Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich ze Schluderpacheru

susan & i had just been talking about herbert lom — having watched some of The Dark Tower on TCM — when we heard of his passing at the remarkable age of 95; we’d thought him long gone but for someone who never achieved his full potential as an actor, he’d haunted movies for 5 decades

maybe it was being both the scion of an “impoverished” aristocratic family from the czech republic and haunted by the concentration camp fate of his jewish girlfriend. she was deported after they emigrated to the uk just before the nazi invasion, due to a bureaucratic glitch.

he made many films, but i will always remember him as the spooky Louis in The Ladykillers, in which he stood out even opposite peter sellers (his nemesis in the pink panther movies, which i could never abide) & alec guinness.

now i have to watch Night and the City again. . .


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