“goodbye, first love”


a very sweet film that recalls diane kurys’ peppermint soda, because it’s about how middle class french teenage girls come to terms with growing up so gracefully — and the contrast between their beguilingly offhanded insularity and the fragility of that world where self-consciousness and shame never seem to exist, at least that seems to be how it is

glenn kenny’s interview with the director is up on his blog.

This film, like my other ones, are actually about things that could be very melodramatic. For me in a way it could be a tragedy. I mean this girl, she’s crazy about a boy who always goes away and leaves her. She attempts—she tries to commit suicide and she overcomes it, but not really. And then he comes back and then leaves her again. It could be really big melodrama. But I never tried to do a melodrama. I always tried just, as in my previous films, I want my children to look at it in a way that so that the film doesn’t belong to a genre but is simply a film about life. To me the film cannot be about reality, about real life, if it’s part of the genre. It’s a kind of paradox because as a viewer, as a spectator, I don’t have any problem with that and I can be crazy about film, I can really love some films that are melodrama. But it’s not the same thing when you are a spectator and then when you make your own films. You don’t try to get the same things. And as a spectator, I’m very open. But as a film maker I try to be as honest as I can about life and about my experience. And I feel if I tell a story I want it to be as—I want to try to transmit a feeling of truth, and not—even if at the end people—I don’t try to make people cry as much as possible or to make them laugh. It’s not that I don’t care about that but to me it’s not as much. I prefer that they, when they go out of the film, maybe they’re not so sad as they could be if I put the music at this point or if I make more dramatic scene. But I prefer that they have a feeling of truth and of reality. That’s what I try to get.

where the hell is peppermint soda anyway?

Oh, and see also “kim & jessie” by M83.

Kenny says it’s on DVD, but I can’t find it on amazon in region A format. you can stream it on netflix or amazon though.


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