why they don’t want you to watch al Jazeera

AJE is suspicious of American militarism, dubious about globalization and overtly sympathetic to poorer nations.

Robert D. Kaplan of the Atlantic magazine, an authority on international security, calls this a “middle of the road, developing world viewpoint.”

It is also plainly pro-Palestinian, which has made AJE the target of one of Washington’s more powerful interest groups.


The network, owned and operated by the Emirate of Qatar, no longer has anything to prove about the quality of its journalism. It has won all sorts of prestigious awards and broken all sorts of stories.

It is now in 80 million homes worldwide, and is known in our business as the outfit that’s always in places nobody else covers.

Late last year, for example, as the rest of the English-language media were concentrating on the crisis in Egypt, AJE’s Nazanine Moshiri was travelling with the M23 rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, broadcasting live several times a day.

That sort of thing has made the network a must-watch for agencies like the U.S. State Department, especially as Western networks and newspapers scale back, closing their foreign bureaus wholesale.

But Americans with enough savvy to seek out AJE must do so on the internet. Because after more than six years of operation, the network remains effectively locked out of the American cable TV market.



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